EQ Insider

Helping you to demonstrate compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s Market Abuse Regulation.

EQ Insider allows organisations to create and manage their insider lists securely online, automating business processes and helping to demonstrate compliance.

EQInsider allows your organisation to connect, communicate and monitor those individuals needing permission to deal, using a fully auditable system that enables you to provide the FCA with all necessary information through the automatic generation of MAR-compliant reports.

Our fully self-service product allows you to seamlessly configure your own system in response to your changing business needs after the initial deployment, for example configuring email templates, help and guidance, blackout periods, and the management of users and roles.

EQ Insider contains an out-of-the-box permission to deal process, with configurable role-specific workflow if required, allowing you to tailor the process to your own FCA-compliant dealing code. Instead of having to manage lists and approval workflows through emails, spreadsheets, and pages of signed NDAs, EQ Insider’s clean user interface – along with Equiniti’s global reputation – are justifying why it is fast becoming the tool of choice for FTSE-listed organisations.

Core Product Functionality

Benefits to EQ Insider Users

Self Serve Configuration

Providing full flexibility at our customer's finger tips allowing the complete configurability of their system using the admin console.


Exceptional Customer Experience

Intuitive customer interface delivering an exceptional, digital user experience for both admin and user profiles.

Continued Investment

EQ Insider has ongoing investment committed allowing us to continually develop its capabilities in-line with the FCA’s regulatory standards.


Process Simplification

Consultative approach to reviewing and simplifying processes in relation to managing regulatory challenge.

Customer Support and Security

We are proud to maintain all of our security accreditations. The quality standards required for us to deliver EQ Insider are as follows:

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management – A clear quality methodology underpins our procedures and operating practices


ISO 27001:2013

Information Security – To ensure we safeguard the availability, confidentiality and integrity of all information, whether in data format or otherwise.


ISO 27017:2015

Information Security Controls – To ensure we abide by cloud security principles.

ISO 27018:2014

Protection of Personal Data in the Cloud – To ensure we understand and control PII that we manage within our cloud-hosted systems


Cyber Essentials Plus

Independently verified by a Certification Body that we protect our systems against a wide variety of the most common cyber-attacks, and we are listed within the directory of the National Cyber Security Centre (within the U.K).

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