48-hour Challenge

Take our 48-hour challenge to change your business

Here at Toplevel, we recognise that putting together a compelling business case and demonstrating the value of a new system to key stakeholders can be a challenge in itself, so in response we’ve come up with a challenge of our own.

By investing just 2 days of your senior user’s time to work with us, you will see a fully working prototype of the Outreach solution, tailored to your business requirements, within 48 hours.

Whether your digitalisation requirements include cases, appointments, eforms, grant applications or course bookings, our 48 hour challenge will prove the value and speedy delivery possible using Toplevel and Outreach.

Our 48-hour challenge will enable you to:

  • See a working prototype to understand how the solution will benefit your organisation
  • Use the findings to strengthen your business case
  • Inform your understanding of the possibilities
  • Further improve the requirements definition, which will lead to a better fit final solution
  • Break down barriers; especially useful if some stakeholders are resistant to change
  • Experience at first-hand how quickly Toplevel can tailor a solution

To find out more and take up the challenge, call us on 01453 852700 or email email@equiniti-toplevel.com. We look forward to helping you change your business in just 48 hours.

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